The Mancave Makeover

Posted: December 24, 2012 in Man Cave


This past Saturday I acquired a new bar and bar back for the mancave. Best of all the price was zero deniro,  nada, FREE!


The really cool thing about it was that there was some old 1960’s barware that came with it. There was an old drink shaker, some shot glasses and old coasters. the bar has a padded vinyl front and arm rest. It also has a cooler and sink behind it!


I used the bar back as my entertainment center with the TV, stereo and computer in it. I have a rebuilt computer I have turned into a digital jukebox with over 8,000 songs and growing on two 32gig hard drives. It also is internet ready for streaming digital content off the web.


Smoking of pigs is encouraged in the mancave!


I have two dart boards set up, one soft tip and one english bristle board for the dart pros out there.


So here is an open invite to all who enjoy a cold brew and a game or two of darts, stop by the Herzog mancave for a good time!




  1. Very nice. All men need a man land I think. A place to repair to; to itch, burp, and pick in the acute absence of criticism. A place be a man, and to be free. I don’t know if the women understand this, but I think they might. They understand about the same way we understand their scrap booking rooms, or craft corners. Regardless, nice little blog you have here, and long live your man cave!

    Carry on..

    • gzogbbq says:

      Thanks for your comments and kind words…am just finishing a shot of whiskey and having a beer while the Denver Broncos score a T D…..its good to be in cave today…..

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